Contract cleaning

Delta Cleaning Company’s specialty is contract cleaning. It’s what we practice, what we are trained for, what we’ve been doing for over 25 years and where our quality control practices shine through.

Contract cleaning doesn’t end with keeping offices fresh, clean & hygienic. It extends to the whole building, to protect the investment in the building while providing a work space that’s attractive to staff for everyday use.

Delta Cleaning Company undertakes all commercial cleaning and maintenance from concrete to carpet. We’ll scale the outside heights of the building and track wear and tear down into the basement.

We break our services into the following categories. There is something here for all your requirements:

Carpet Shampoo

Carpeting a commercial floor is a big investment by any building owner or tenant. Delta Cleaning Company protects that investment by keeping the carpet in good condition for its useful life.

Exterior building washing

The glass, stainless steel and concrete towers that Delta Cleaning maintains may look good from a distance but we meet them close up. We know how petrol/diesel fumes, pollution and pigeons combine to eat away at seemingly immutable structures.

Window cleaning

Delta Cleaning use licenced operators of BMUs, gantries and abseiling to ensure your glass remains sparkling clean.

Water blasting

Delta Cleaning Company brings water blasting to bear when the clean-up demands industrial-strength equipment.

Rubbish removal

Delta Cleaning Company runs a rubbish removal service that’s fully compliant with government recycling guidelines and we undertake audits to guide organisations wanting to adopt the guidelines.